Eclipse brings the music of Pink Floyd back to Alabama
"They have only been together for a year, but Eclipse is taking the US by storm...A short year later, they are playing to sold out shows and the rave reviews just keep coming in."

"The band didn't chat up the audience, wear special costumes, fly a pink pig above the stage or have a crazy light show. It's just a group of very skilled musicians who play Pink Floyd straight and achingly well."

"Eclipse is more than just a 'Tribute band", they are the keepers of Pink Floyd's soul."
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Under the covers: Tribute bands channel the spirit and sound of the originals
"There are a lot of Pink Floyd tributes out there, but the seven-piece Eclipse out of Nashville must be the Lexus of the bunch." [Read More...]
Band will Eclipse expectations of a Pink Floyd tribute show
"Eclipse celebrates that diversity, playing not just the well known songs but also the more obscure tracks." [Read More...]
Eclipse - A Pink Floyd tribute band with style
"...once you experence this band, you will see that they "Eclipse" the competition." [Read More...]
Eclipse Seeks 'Dark Side of the Moon'
Eclipse is no ordinary cover band. Whereas many cover bands see fit to simply play their subject matter as close to the source material as possible, Eclipse seeks to replicate the actual experience of hearing Floyd on record. [Read More...]
Wish threy were here?
"For now, however, Weidner’s own tunes are taking a backseat to the job at hand: growing Eclipse into one of the world’s most well-known and respected purveyors of Pink Floyd’s infamously complex and mind-bending prog-pop. So far, it would seem that plan is going swimmingly." [Read More...]
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