Eclipse Recreates Pink Floyd with Reverence, Respect

It's been a brief but bright and successful twelve months for Eclipse. The band performed a debut event in September 2008 in Nashville and immediately garnered praise from fans and critics for their spot on renditions of Pink Floyd's catalog. Within a few months, Eclipse was touring extensively, playing large venues, college towns and theaters from coast to coast. 

With eyes closed, one would swear they were listening to the real Pink Floyd, complete with lushly layered vocals and perfect fills of guitars, keyboards, saxophones and drums. Eclipse uses both vintage and modern equipment to ensure as close a representation as possible of the sounds from Floyd's classic albums.

"I think reverence is more of a common denominator than a distinction among tribute bands." says guitarist Tod Weidner from his home in Ohio. "What sets Eclipse apart is respect for the craftsmanship of the songs. We're a seven-piece band. We utilize three guitarists, two keyboardists, a saxophonist and six accomplished vocalists to capture and recreate the dense textures that have made Pink Floyd's music so enduring. All the members of Eclipse are professional musicians, all involved in original projects of their own, and it's precisely this energy and hunger associated with the creation of original music that helps us deliver Pink Floyd with such accuracy and passion."


And the fans response?

"It's beyond our wildest hopes." marvels Weidner. "Veterans who have seen Floyd dozens of times as well as younger fans who unfortunately never got to experience the band in concert have really taken Eclipse to their hearts. For fans old and new, this music touches a nerve because it deals with universal themes and primal emotions. For the members of Eclipse, the opportunity to perform such beautiful, classic music night after night to rooms full of fans-some crying, some smiling, all singing along-is simply and honor."

Weidner pauses, "And it's an honor we take very, very seriously." 




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