For over three decades, Pink Floyd has given us some of the most powerful and creative music that the word has ever seen. ECLIPSE is made up of seven musicians who have been profoundly inspired by their music and who share one commonality: the desire to create a live Pink Floyd experience that musically, vocally, and visually surpasses all others. Not only do the members of ECLIPSE strive to perfectly reproduce the deeply layered instrumental and vocal elements within the works of Pink Floyd, but to do so in a way that retains all the emotion, passion and vintage tone found in the original scores.

ECLIPSE accomplishes this with a meticulous attention to detail, the employment of over a dozen different instruments on stage and the ability to create each sound heard on original Pink Floyd recordings in a live setting. The band's strict processes of staying true to every note, sound, scream and whisper in the timeless music of Pink Floyd serves as the framework for every performance. ECLIPSE recreates signature Pink Floyd sounds directly from the stage, without the use of "backing tracks" in the performances. An occasional sound effect is used from time to time, but every note, vocalization, and instrumentation is created live.

Each member in ECLIPSE plays multiple musical instruments. This is yet another reason that ECLIPSE is able to reproduce the music so accurately. Many of the classic Pink Floyd recordings have multiple layers of various guitars and keyboards. The guitarists in ECLIPSE solidly cover the plethora of electric, acoustic, and steel guitar elements in the music of Pink Floyd and each has that impeccable Gilmour tone. The keyboardists have several different keyboards on stage to choose from. The arsenal of keyboards is a beautiful combination of vintage gear and newer technologies.

Deeply layered vocals are also essential in order to achieve a flawless recreation of the Pink Floyd sound. All of the musicians in ECLIPSE are experienced vocalists, including male and female voices, allowing incredible versatility and range throughout the vocal arrangements. This lineup affords ECLIPSE the luxury of assigning the lead vocals for each song to the band member with the appropriate vocal tone and quality. In addition, this arrangement frees the other voices to precisely cover all of the lush harmonies and rich backgrounds found in the Pink Floyd recordings.

ECLIPSE is simply all about the music. Each member sings. Each member plays multiple instruments. Each member has chosen to work diligently in order to be a part of something great. Something that delights music fans that appreciate the timeless songs and complex sounds that Pink Floyd has given us.


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